Super simple JavaScript PDF generator.



Works on Node and Browser!!

labelmake code
Just realised when developing a variable data printing service.
Other PDF generation libraries makes program complex by imperative operations. So, I developed this library aiming at a more simple declarative style PDF generation library.
Finally, the layout engine and design & code generator tools make PDF generation so easy!
Try it out!
$npm install labelmake


labelmake uses template and inputs to generate a PDF.
*template is a JSON that has a base pdf data and a variable inputs area schema
*inputs has array in object values to be entered into "template". Array corresponds to each page of the PDF
One of the key features of labelmake is the ability to import an existing PDF for additional input.



See what else you can do with the more examples!

Template Design & Code Generator

Templates can be customized with design tools. and code can be generated with a generator.


API Reference


Detailed specifications can be found in the api documentation.

Services that are used in Production - variable data printing service.(Japanese)